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Bringing Consumers to Their Senses: How Multisensory Marketing Feeds Business

Food feeds our senses — and research shows that when food brands and operations not only feed our sense of taste and smell but offer a broader sensory experience, they’re more likely to hit the sweet spot with consumers.

In fact, the more senses you feed, the more you feed your business. In The Future 100: Trends & Change to Watch in 2024, VML Intelligence reports that 63% of consumers crave multisensory brand experiences, and 72% hanker for new experiences to engage as many of their senses as possible. 

Research from Mood Media reveals that multisensory experiences are a must for maximizing in-store traffic. Eighty-four percent of U.S. consumers cite an in-store experience that engages the senses as a determining factor in whether to purchase on-site or online. Mood Media also determined that sensory experiences bring 9 out of 10 shoppers back to stores.

Given how eating and drinking are such sensory-driven experiences, multisensory marketing brings a feast of opportunities to the table for food and beverage brands.

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